5 Best Ipoh Dim Sum Restaurants You Have To Try Right Now

Dim Sum is definitely one of the must eat food list in Ipoh. You can effortlessly find a Dim Sum eatery in Ipoh, Besides the famous Dim Sum Restaurant in Ipoh, do you know where is the best Ipoh Dim Sum that locals like to patron?

5 Best Dim Sum in Ipoh

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1. Restoran Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心

Away from the busy Dim Sum street of Ipoh, Restoran Chooi Yue is located at the neighborhood Ipoh Garden South. The strategic location, the impressive array of Dim Sum and good service, no wonder it is a favorite patronized by locals.

The sifu (Dim Sum chef) armed with 11 years of experience working at Yook Fook Moon, created an exciting and creative selection of Dim Sum at Chooi Yue. So far, most of it we have not been disappointed!

What to love at Restoran Chooi Yue is the huge size and generous filing of each Dim Sum.
Oozing filling Salted Egg Yolk Bao at Restoran Chooi Yue

Recommended dishes: Salted Egg Yolk Bao with Pandan Lotus, Siew Mai, Scallop & Prawn Dumpling (Tai Ji Kau), Sweet & Sour Sauce Minced Pork Rolls

Address: 2, 4 & 6, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 7a.m. to 2p.m (Closed on Thursday)
Contact Details: +6016-534 5965
Price range: $$ (around RM4 per plate)
Halal: No
Remarks: Very packed on weekends morning, hardcore Dim Sum lovers advised to come at 7a.m. when the shop opens

2. Restoran New Paradise 怡保巴占新乐园

Bao is legendary. Hand made Bao established since 1968. Family favourite Dim Sum restaurant for many years and never get bored of eating.

Wine-infused Char Siew Bao(Caramelised pork bun) 叉烧包 and melt in your mouth Nam Yue Bao(Marinated curd pork bun) 南乳包 are awesome. The fillings are juicy and bao bun is light and fluffy.

Dim Sum at Restoran New Paradise Fillings are generous and reasonable price
Assortment of Dim Sum at Restoran New Paradise

One of the must order list is definitely Lo Mai Kai (Lotus leaf rice) 糯米雞. It is soft and smooth, the rice are not dry and hard. Also, have you seen a giant stuffed Tofu? It is really big, around 3-4 times the normal size. I find no fault this is all time favourite of the Ipohans.

Recommended dishes: Char Siew Bao(Caramelised pork bun), Nam Yue Bao(Marinated curd pork bun), Lo Mai Kai(Lotus leaf rice), Wu Kok (Yam puff), Sat Keh Mah(Honey caramel sliced biscuit), Malai Gou 马来糕(Steamed caramel cake), Stuffed Fish Paste Tofu

Address: 633, Lorong Bercham 6, Kampung Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 6:30a.m. to 6p.m (Closed on Thursday)
Contact Details: 016-5660777 / 016-5123358 / 05-5455439 
Price range: $$ 
Halal: No
Remarks: Frozen Bao are available to order

3. Restoran Sun Kim Aik 新锦益点心茶楼

Decades-old Dim Sum restaurant in Menglembu, around 20 minutes by car from Ipoh Old Town. Locals have been coming here for years and it is considered one of the pioneers of Dim Sum restaurants in Menglembu. The historical building restaurant has underwent a new facelift, the place now feels brighter, cleaner and more comfortable for customers to dine in.

Restoran Sun Kim Aik is known for its fast selling Tai Bao 大包 (Big steamed bun). Other mouth-watering varieties like Har Gao (Shrimp dumplings), Siew Mai (Pork dumplings), crunchy Wu Kok (Yam Puff) are all filled with generous portions and the price is reasonable too.

Assortment of Dim Sum at Restoran Sun Kim Aik-Image credit to Worldorgs
Ipoh Dim Sum at Restoran Sun Kim Aik-Image credit to gaarachong (Instagram)

Recommended dishes: Tai Bao (Big steamed bun), Har Gao (Shrimp dumplings), Siew Mai (Pork dumplings), Wu Kok (Yam puff), Chee Cheong Fun (Steamed rice rolls), Pork Ribs, Fish Balls

Address: 297, Jalan Lahat,30100 Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 5.30AM – 12.30PM (Closed on Wednesday)
Contact Details: 05-282 2634
Price range: $$ 
Halal: No
Remarks: Opens for breakfast only

4. Restoran Yoke Fook Moon 玉福满点心楼

Yoke Fook Moon is located nearby of Foh San and Ming Court, still is not short of its own pool of local fans. Yoke Fook Moon serves quite an extensive menu, from flavourful porridge to birdnest egg tart. If you’re a vegetarian, they have a selection to choose from as well which is great.

Bird nest egg tart at Restoran Yoke Fook Moon – Image credit to yokefookmoonoldtown {Instagram}
Assortment of Dim Sum at Restoran Yoke Fook Moon

Recommended dishes: Har Gao, Siew Mai, Char Siew Bao (BBQ Pork Bun), Lao Sar Bao (Salted Egg Yolk Bun), Pan Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Beancurd Skin, Fried Prawn Roll, Century Egg Porridge

Address: 67 – 69 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 6:00AM – 10AM, 6:30PM to 11PM (Closed on Tuesday)
Contact Details: 05-241 6589
Price range: $$ 
Halal: No
Remarks: Opens in the morning and night

5. Canning Dim Sum (HALAL)

Canning Dim Sum was a residential house converted into a dining restaurant. It is located just opposite the famous Hollywood Restaurant. This is a pork free Dim Sum restaurant with the quality of an authentic Chinese Dim Sum restaurant. Dim Sum is tasty, fresh and well made. They have more than 50 over selections of dim sum; created their very own recipe and also many innovative creative dishes.

Sea Cucumber Mai and Abalone Mai at Canning Dim Sum- Image credit to Canningdimsum (Instagram)

Nice ambient and air-conditioning Dim Sum restaurant in Ipoh. Instagrammable food and the place is beautifully decorated.

Assortment of Dim Sum at Canning Dim Sum- Image credit to Canningdimsum (Instagram)

Recommended dishes: Fried Raddish Cake, Fried Prawn Roll, Har Gao (Shrimp dumpling), Lava Salted Egg Bao, BBQ chicken Bao, Abalone Dumpling, Sea Cucumber Mai, Smoked Duck Roll

Address: 1, Lebuh Cecil Rae, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 7:30AM – 3:30PM (Closed on Wednesday)
Contact Details: 016-268 0535
Price range: $$ 
Halal: Yes
Remarks: Limited parking space

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